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Sourcing & Roasting

We source green beans from some of the most recognised growing regions around the world and also right here at home; including Aussie beans in our blends and supporting local farmers. From the highland plateau of Onang Gangjang in Northern Sumatra to the Atherton Tablelands of Far North Queensland, select small farms provide us with quality coffee that is carefully managed at every stage of the process. 

We’re supported by Australia’s most sophisticated roasting facility, which enables us to precisely and consistently draw out the desired flavour profiles that define our products.

Our premier house blend, Blazing Desert, is comprised of four origins, carefully balanced and roasted to compliment the unique characteristics of each region. The complex makeup of this blend, results in a sweet and syrupy cup to be enjoyed either with milk or as a black coffee.


We begin by measuring the moisture content of the raw coffee before the beans go through a series of cleaning screens to remove any foreign objects. Each origin is weighed out into the designated proportions and every step of the process is carefully monitored to ensure only the finest quality and consistency.


We have access to the world’s best Probat drum roasters, which utilise a slower and more controlled method, allowing for a consistent roast profile… every time.

The Legend of Dimbulah

For more than five thousand summers the original Australians of northern Queensland would start to drift eastwards when the dry season began. They were heading for a place where the land held a special  ‘seed power’, conferred on it in the Dreamtime of its creation.

It was a fertile table land in the embrace of a shining river and they called it  ‘The Long Watering Hole’. In their language, ‘Dimbulah’.

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Premium Quality

We source and select coffee beans from origins near and far.


From the land that brought you a blazing desert, terra australis as it is.

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